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At the DT Drum Studio, I like to place a strong emphasis on the development of fundamentals and good practice habits to achieve the highest level of proficiency and creativity on the drums. This simple philosophy has allowed my students to maximize their potential in whatever musical path they choose to follow. As a certified member of the Sabian Educators Network, a program comprised of the drumming industry’s top drummers and educators, I feel that everyone has the potential to learn and enjoy the countless benefits of playing the drums regardless of age, experience or limitation.


Lesson subjects may include (but are certainly not limited to) a wide variety of styles and subjects including reading, technique, improvisation, part-writing, rudimental drumming, chart reading or simply breaking down the drum parts from your favorite songs and drummers. With the understanding that everybody learns differently, I have adapted a proven curriculum that is customized to fit the needs and preferences of each particular student while utilizing the most up to date methods and technology.


Whether your auditioning for your school drumline or jazz band, preparing for a college audition, a weekend warrior looking to sharpen your skills, or just looking for a new creative outlet to foster your love of music and have fun, the DT Drum Studio is the place for you!


- Dan Traglia

  DT Drum Studio


June 2017

 "Thank goodness we found DAN! My son took an interest in playing the drums at an early age. I didn't feel he was advancing his skills the way he could. Then I found Dan and what a difference! Often I have to open my sons door while he is practicing to see that he's in there all by himself. Dan has a great report with my 11 year old son, an I would recommend him to any one of any age- and man can he play!!!"

--Wayne Benton


Nov 2016

"I began taking drum lessons from Dan with no prior experience a year and a half ago. Dan is patient and professional. He does a great job of sharing his vast knowledge of music and drumming at a pace that I can absorb. He is an excellent teacher because he adjusts to the needs of his students, not only with the level of difficulty, but also with balancing encouragement and discipline, as well as changing things up to prevent frustration or boredom. His enthusiasm creates opportunities for me to become engaged and influence the direction that the lessons will take to get the most from them."

-- Melissa F. 

Nov 2016

"Dan is a wonderful instructor. I started not knowing how to hold a stick and now one year later I am playing the drum set and the drum pad with no problem. If you don't understand something just ask and he will explain it so you understand it. He knows a lot of tricks to get you to understand concepts. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the concept before moving on the the next concept. He splits the time you spend between the kit and the drum pad equally. He will take requests of any music that you would like to play along to. He adapts to everyone's individual needs and tailors the lesson to you."

-- Shelley S. 

Feb 2014

"I have been taking lessons with Dan now for two years and I have learned more then I could on my own. Dan is easily approachable and an all around good guy. He never has any problems with questions. He teaches advanced rhythms but also puts the fun in fundamentals. He has helped me immensely in all aspects of drumming and is a great teacher."

-- Kyle B.

Feb 2014

"My son is nearing completion of his first set of five lessons with Dan T. My son, his father, and I are very pleased to have found this instructor. My 8 year old son says that Dan is easy to work with, and that "I learned so many things." He is always happy to go back for his next lesson. The studio arrangements accommodate a parent who can listen as the lesson proceeds. Dan is very gracious with his time. We are very pleased and are continuing our son's drum lessons with Dan."

-- Paul K. 

Jan 2014

"My son has been taking drum lessons with Dan T for 6 months and is having a phenomenal experience. He is encouraged to bring songs to lesson which he would like to learn. My son has a writing book and he can write out rhythms and then practice and learn them. It is not just reading music. This is a very interative experience. When it is time to do our chores and homework and practice drums the very first thing our son does is play his drums. He practices every day and for long periods of time because he is having fun."

-- Wendy P.

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